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Our Goals

We have high goals for every child in Shelby County, TN. We envision a community in which:

  • All babies are born healthy
  • All children experience safe and nurturing relationships
  • All children are kindergarten-ready

The ESC Statement of Purpose and Commitments identifies the behaviors, values, and attitudes that guide the participants of the ESC in their work in the coalition.

1. We commit to a common set of outcomes, strategies, and implementation goals.
2. We share authority and accountability for achieving our outcomes and goals.
3. We participate in mutually reinforcing activities to achieve our agenda.
4. We engage in continuous, transparent and effective communication.
5. We provide professional development resources to build capacity for effective practice.
6. We listen and speak with respect to deepen mutual understanding and trust.
7. We seek participation from stakeholders in all community sectors and at all levels of organizations.
8. We value and promote meaningful leadership from families and caregivers.
9. We develop financial and other resources to achieve our common agenda.
10. We maintain a sustained backbone organization with dedicated staff and
structured governance processes to facilitate our work.